In 2009:

  • We have assembled a team of professionals to assist the agro-sector in importing goods;

-The warehouse in Moscow is opened;

In 2011:

  • Opened a representative office of the company in the European Union, Vilnius, Lithuania for consolidation of cargoes and ensuring the speedy delivery of planned warranty and non-warranty ZIP;

-The warehouse is opened in Vilnius, Lithuania;

In 2014:

Opened a representative office in the European Union, Braunschweig, Germany for the search and purchase of necessary goods and Zip in Europe;

In 2015:

  • Opened a representative office in Asia, Yantai, China for search and purchase of necessary goods and Zip in China;
  • obtained an export license;

In 2016:

-Opened a representative office in Krasnodar;

-we became a dealer of the company RSBP(Czech Republic) explosion protection systems for elevators;

-we became a grey dealer MUYANG(China) components for fodder plants and elevators;

In 2018:

-Opened a representative office in Voronezh;

-Open showroom in Voronezh to display equipment for agriculture;

-we became a dealer GAROS(Denmark) injectors and mixers-massagers for meat and fish;

In 2019:

-Opened a representative office in Kursk;

-we became a dealer SIMATEK(Denmark) aspiration (dedusting) systems for bulk materials;

-we became a dealer FARMET(Czech Republic) equipment for cold pressing oilseeds;

-On the basis of the representative office in Voronezh the construction-assembling group was organized

At the beginning of the 2019 year we provide complex foreign economic services to more than 200 customers in the agricultural industry:

  • Bakery Industry: 40 Customers

  • Grain processing and processing of oilseeds: 144 Customer

  • Rybo and meat processing: 22 Customer