For import by one code and as a rule with 0 duty of multi-component technological equipment, shipped in parts the decision on classification of the goods is necessary


For optimization of the size of customs payments, as in most cases the rate of import customs duty on equipment is 0, and on separate components at their classification corresponding codes TN FEA can make up to 10-15 (for example, Cables, pipelines, shut-off fittings, tanks, metal structures, etc.);

To reduce the number of necessary permits (certificates of conformity, Exkont conclusions, etc. on separate components), because in the classification by one code of HS only those permitting documents are necessary, which Required for this code HS;

To simplify the process of customs clearance, as in the presence of a classification solution with a single code TN FEA at customs clearance is not required to detail the cost, countries of origin, manufacturers of individual components, as well as Detailed technical documentation for each component

For the importation of a significant volume of goods, as it is known that no warehouse will be able to ship 50 trucks in one day.

Conditions of application:

Components of the goods, being collected together, form the goods classified by the Code of complete or completed goods;

Presented a statement containing the necessary information, as well as all the established documents containing sufficient and consistent information, allowing to unambiguously classify the goods, including the list of components in the prescribed form and Its electronic copy

Import or export of goods is carried out by different commodity batches for more than two months;

The imported goods are declared in accordance with the customs procedures of the issue for domestic consumption or free customs zone;

Delivery of all components of the goods is carried out to the address of one recipient (at import) or one sender (at export).

Date of receipt:

100 days from the date of registration of the decision application with the suspension of this period in case of request for additional information. OUR RECORD of receiving 26 days.